CNG Cars Between 10 To 15 Lakhs

CNG as a fuel option has not enamoured many of the carmakers in India, barring a few. It seems that most carmakers have continued with the ‘traditional’ petrol or diesel fuel options and when it came to make cars for tomorrow, have diligently opted for the hybrid ‘Electric’ model. As a fuel option, CNG has been left nearly untouched by the premium luxury carmakers, and hence, there are no CNG run cars that can fit the price bracket of Rs.10 lakhs to Rs.15 lakhs (Ex Showroom, Delhi). In simpler terms, there are no CNG cars between 10 to 15 lakhs at present to be found in the portfolio of premium carmakers.

CNG Cars Between 10 To 15 Lakhs

However, customers looking for CNG cars in this price range can opt for vehicles from the stables of India’s largest automobile manufacturers namely, Tata and Maruti Suzuki, respectively, albeit at considerably lesser prices. In fact, there are two sedans (two each from Messrs. Tata and Maruti) that quote price tags in the ranges of Rs.5.1 lakhs to Rs.5.3 lakhs and Rs.6.6 lakhs to Rs.7.4 lakhs. The former price range belongs to sedans namely, Tata Indigo CS Emax CNG GLS and Tata Indigo CS Emax CNG GLX, whereas the latter price range is quoted by two sedans from Maruti – Maruti Ertiga LXI CNG and Maruti Ertiga VXI CNG.

Let us discuss the specs and features of Maruti Ertiga LXI CNG, for any CNG run car of its price range (Rs. 6.6 lakhs) would bear characteristics (engine specs to be precise) more or less similar.

CNG Cars Between 10 To 15 Lakhs

CNG Cars Between 10 To 15 Lakhs

Size Does Matter

Maruti Ertiga LXI CNG is a Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) also known by the nomenclature(s) – LUV or Life Utility Vehicle / Ertiga Green that can comfortably seat seven persons. This CNG run MPV is bestowed with dimensions of 4265mm in length, 1695mm in width, 1685mm in height and a wheelbase of 2740mm. Among the many stylish exterior body cosmetics, the vehicle boasts of 15 inches steel wheels, black hued ORVMs and door handles, and a high mounted brake lamp.

Comfortable Cabin

As a MPV, Maruti Ertiga LXI CNG provides ample leg and shoulder room, and storage place for the riders to make a ‘stress free’ trip. The many utility fixtures forming a part of its cabin are cup holders on the dashboard, a 12V power outlet, a HVAC unit, two cabin lamps, and a luminous instrument panel showing various parameters of the vehicle.


The engine that runs this MPV is a 1.2 litre 4 cylinder 16V Kappa MPFI Petrol + CNG powertrain that delivers maximum power and torque output of 93.1bhp at 6000rpm and 130Nm at 4000rpm, respectively. This engine garners a displacement of 1373cc, which in conjunction with a 5 speed transmission gearbox returns a mileage of 22.80 km/kg (in CNG mode) and 16.02kmpl (in Petrol mode).

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5 Surprising Travel Rules for an Exciting Nomadic Career

In my experience as a digital nomad, I have become a very efficient traveler.

So here are my Top Five Tips for traveling while pursuing your nomadic career:

1. Don’t Get Tied Down – Let’s face facts: Having a nomadic career – in other words, having the ability to make money from anywhere – is easier if you don’t have a lot of personal responsibilities. If you have a wife and children, it becomes more complicated to pull up stakes and head off into the wild world. Not impossible, mind you. Just more complicated.

It has less to do with age than it has to do with commitment. Someone who is older and unattached has more freedom than somebody fresh out of college who is married and who has a child on the way. When other people are depending on you for their livelihood, it limits your freedom.

2. Beware of Material Possessions – Things are nice. People like things. They like to own nice things, like houses, fancy cars, expensive clothes, jewelry and so on. But when you are pursuing the nomadic lifestyle, the more things you carry around with you, the less freedom you have.

When it comes to material possessions, the more things you own, the more those things own you, in my experience.

For example, if you have a nice car, you want to make sure you take care of it. You may take it to the car wash every week. You are extra careful when driving it on busy city streets so it doesn’t get scratched or dented. You won’t let people eat or smoke in your car so that it doesn’t get stained or get smelly. After a while, you are no longer the car owner, but almost like an employee of that car. You are working for it, rather than the other way around.

For the nomad, the only possession you truly need is liquid assets such as money or access to money. Everything else can be bought along the way.

3. Keep Moving – There’s a whole world out there just waiting for you. Along the way, you will constantly discover beautiful new places and exciting experiences. Keep moving so that you can see as much and experience as much as possible within your limited time here on Earth.

A nomadic career can provide you with the means. It’s going to be up to you to provide the ways.

4. Keep Your Mobile Devices Charged – This can be more complicated than it sounds, particularly if your travel takes you to some of the more remote regions of the world where a dependable power supply is not guaranteed.

My advice is to invest in a portable power supply that you can keep charged all the time. That way you can plug your smart phone, tablet or laptop in so that you never lose power – and connection – with the source of your nomadic income: The Internet.

5. Follow Your Happiness – The whole point of pursuing a nomadic career is to do the things you want to do and be in the places you want to be.

But happiness isn’t a destination or an activity. It’s a state of mind. Follow the paths that make you the happiest and avoid those that cause you anxiety and frustration. Simple advice that almost nobody follows. Except nomadic warriors like you, that is.

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Scared of Car Remapping? Here Is Everything That You Need to Know About It


If you are a gamer, then you have probably already heard of the phrase “chipping.” This is where people get their consoles chipped so that it will play cheaper games and even games from other countries. What gamers won’t know is that chipping also applies to cars, although it is not illegal when it comes to cars.

When talking about cars, chipping is also called remapping. An engineer will remap your car using the engine control unit, otherwise known as the ECU. The ECU controls the air and fuel mixture, boost pressure on high performance cars, any limits on speed and revs. Remapping will completely change the car’s performance by changing the way that the engine behaves.

If you want this done to your car, you will have to go to a remapping company who can do it for you. The company department devoted to remapping and they should use the best software on the market, to complete the process.

The remapping program can remove limits placed on speed and revs and it will alter how the ECU controls the engine. Most of the time, the company will insert a new chip into the car’s circuit board, however, with new technology, there are companies out there who can do the remap with a laptop connected to the diagnostic port, and not replacing the chip outright.

The whole point of doing the remap is to make the car faster and more economical with how it works. In some cars, the remapping will mean that the engine doesn’t have to work as hard and will do better for longer.

When people have asked about remapping, their main concerns is if this will affect their insurance or guarantee on the car, due to altering the performance. However, this process does not affect the insurance or guarantee because it does not harm the car credibility.

Some companies might comment on remapping putting extra strain on the engine, however, they often check temperature and pressure, whilst they are performing the remap.

Specialized companies remap the cars in the professional way. They already know all the problems that could arise from a remap, so they take the steps, in advance, to make sure that they don’t occur. A regular mechanic might not do this.

Some other concerns are with the resale value of the car once it is chipped. In some instances, buyers might not want a chipped car because they don’t really understand what they are, but once you tell them of the benefits, they might be more likely to change their mind.

If you are still concerned about this, you start talking about software to reverse the process. This should involve a piece of software that is often plugged into the circuit board. The software should do everything that you need it to and you won’t have to take the car into the garage or back to the remapping company. The point of this is to restore the car to the factory settings so no one will know about the remapping.

The whole point of car remapping is to change the way the car works in terms of performance and cost of running it. If an engine isn’t running as hard, it will need less battery and less petrol. If you are only using the car as a little run around, then this process is not for you.

If you are in the car a lot and you use it for performance driving, then remapping will extend the life of the vehicle and is highly recommended. It will save you money in the long run and it will end up paying for itself.

If you don’t know if the remapping process will benefit your car, you can go online and search the make and model of your car, and then scroll across to see what benefits you will gain from chipping your car.

Flash Remapping are a vehicle tuning company. They are part of a larger company called Viezu. They are one of the most established vehicle tuners in the South East of the UK. They have years of experience and they only hire the most qualified technicians in the field. Flash remapping are based in the South East, but they do offer a mobile remapping service which covers the whole of the United Kingdom. They cover all vehicles, from small cars to vans and even mobile homes. They are confident that they can make any vehicle more economical for the user. You can visit their website at

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